Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

The popularity of message chair is getting bigger and bigger by the time. Providing more ease, effectiveness, and efficiency as well, many people prefer to use this kind of chair at home rather than going out to visit masseuses. Further, if you are interested and about to buy one, there is a highly recommended product that you really need to consider. It is a zero gravity massage chair, a massage chair that adopts the zero gravity position principle so perfectly. And by choosing the best zero gravity massage chair, you will be able to do your own treatment at home and do the treatment on your own.

Advantages of Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Before talking further about the advantages of it, it is better for us to know what zero gravity message chair actually is. From the name, we already can see that this tool is definitely not an ordinary massage chair. But this is a massage chair that adopting the zero gravity position principle perfectly. At first, this kind of position was developed by NASA to in to be applied in the seats of their space shuttle. It is because with this seating position, the astronauts will be able to relieve their spine stress more effectively during the take-off. But, by the time is going, this principle is also applied in massage chair to result more efficient and effective treatment.

Then, what are the benefits that offered by this kind of chair? Firstly, by using this it, you will be able to reduce the pressure on your spine. It is because zero gravity position that is able to reduce the gravity pressure of the vertebrate and spine in an effective way. Secondly, this chair is also able to boost the body relaxation, especially for the next and back. It because when the pressure around the next and back is reduced, you will feel the strong relax sensation around these parts and also the whole aspect of your body as well. And the last benefit is that you will get your lung function in increased by using it since it can fully expand the long to oxygenate more blood efficiently.

Top 3 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews

#1. Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige

Osaki OS 4000 Black Beige Zero GravityIf you find your interest toward this kind of chair is getting bigger after reading the explanation above, here are some reviews of popular zero gravity massage chairs in the market. The first product on the line is Osaki OS-4000 Black Beige Zero Gravity Shiatsu that is manufactured by Osaki. This is a product with full function chair that will provide you shoulder-and-neck air massage, air hip massage, vibration and air arm message, and the heat therapy that specialized for back lumber area. Having the dimension 47×32.5 inches and 302 pounds of shipping weight, this massage chair is completed with so many features in order to give a comfy relaxing massage. They are 18 auto programs, zero gravity technology, 6 techniques of massage, complete massage that specialized for the upper body, and more. Moreover, if you are interested with this functionally modern massage chair, you can take it home by paying $2.895.

#2. Osaki OS-4000

Osaki OS 4000 Zero gravityThe second option goes to a product that still comes from Osaki called Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair. This is the one that also considered as the finest massage chair in its line. With 100% authentic guarantee from the manufacturer, you can get this massage chair as an open box product. So, you may have to deal with minor scrapes or scuffs. Further, as one of Osaki’s best-selling products, this massage chair has completed with so many advance features. Some of them are air arm massage with OS-3000 Plus technology, six auto program, automatic and manual massage for upper body five speed-level, air massage that specialized for neck and shoulder, back heat therapy, and more. More interestingly, we can also find a set of movable massage robot which has intelligent S-track technology. And if you want to own it, you only need to pay $1.795 for the seat and all of the function inside it.

#3. Human Touch Zero Gravity

Human Touch Zero GravityFor the last one in line, we have Human Touch Zero Gravity the Perfect Chair that manufactured by HUMAN TOUCH. Tagged with the price of $1.999, this product has 90 pounds of shipping weight. Featured with body frame from steel, legs of walnut wood, and black upholstery with vinyl as materials, the appearance of this massage chair looks so stunning. Moreover, to support its functionality, the company has installed several advance features such as wide space of leg rest, easy egress and ingress, body frame with Orthonomic™ technology, and more. Finally, that’s all of the reviews, hopefully it can be your beneficial guidance in choosing your best zero gravity massage chair.